Photo Inventory Service

imagesProtect the important symbols of your life with a professional home or business inventory!

Every year Americans suffer billions of dollars in losses due to theft, fire and natural disaster, yet most people have no record of their possessions. When damages occur from theft or natural disaster and the insurance company asks for descriptions, serial numbers and other details, victims are at yet another loss. Branding Concepts Studio Offers this service so if you need to make a claim you will have all the necessary information for the insurance companies. Branding Concepts take pictures of clients’ possessions and mark them with serial numbers and the purchase price or replacement value so that if a burglary or disaster occurs your clients are prepared.  Our team knows the sorts of details insurance companies are interested in.

Could you visualize what you have in your dining room, kitchen, or basement if a fire destroyed your home? A photo inventory is the easiest and best way to document your possessions for insurance purposes. These pictures can help you get the maximum reimbursement and save you bundles!

Yes, it’s possible to do it yourself, but few people find they have the time to actually get it done. It’s challenging to reconstruct this information after the fact. Branding Concepts Studio Inventory services provide an extra measure of protection that gives you peace of mind and helps you preserve the symbols of your life. Call today for a free estimate.

images (1)Relying on your memory can be an expensive mistake.

* Protect your Assets
* Get Peace of Mind
* Simplify the Claims Process
* Receive your Settlement Faster
* Maximize your Insurance Coverage

Home Inventory Services

$100/hr with 2 hour minimumThis fee is based upon the time spent in your home and includes:

  • Time spent in your home to inventory your items,
  • Document preparation,
  • Supplies,
  • One (1) digital inventory catalog on CD or Thumb Drive
  • One (1) backup inventory catalog on CD on file with our office*

The average cost ranges from $300 for an apartment, $500 for a small home, to $1,000 and up for a large home and specialized collections.  (Detailed item-by-item records of large collections, particularly those requiring bar code or ISBN recording, can increase the time required to complete your inventory.  Our efficient home inventory specialists will complete all services as efficiently as possible.)

Additional Copies

Hard copy of inventory catalog $50.00 each
Additional CD copies of inventory catalog $10.00 each (AFTER original copy and off-site backup copy – both included in original price.)Additional off-site copies ensure the security of your inventory catalog.  If you were to suffer a fire or misplace your records, a backup is invaluable.  Also, many clients prefer to have copies of their inventory catalog on file with their insurance agent and/or local police.

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