Trade Show

Branding Concepts team can help with the design and continuity of branding through the store or on the road. Let our team help you effectively display your products in your store, window display, or at a trade show.

In addition, Branding Concepts Studio works with a limited number of start-up companies a year. Call for additional questions and  information.

Save money, hire trade show staff!

We just can’t get enough of trade shows here at Branding Concepts. They’re such exciting and busy events and a great opportunity for Branding Concepts Brand Ambassadors to shine. It’s also a win-win for vendors who get to staff their booth with experienced talent while also saving plenty of money!

How hiring trade show staff saves you money:

  • The right look – By hiring promotional staff that appeals directly to your target demographic, you increase the likelihood that your trade show efforts will be successful! Your team may know the products you’re promoting inside and out, but with a quick phone training you can teach this brand messaging to eager trade show reps who fit the exact brand image you’re looking to promote.
  • Double your productivity – By hiring fantastic trade show staff for your next show, you can leave most of your team back at the office. You get to save money that you would have spent flying them out and gain the hours that they’ll be working while the show is going on. How can you lose?
  • Trade show experience – Branding Concepts Trade show reps have in many cases worked many of trade shows or promotional events for various brands. They are excellent marketers with plenty of experience working in very busy and high-pressure environments. You’ll get more bang for your buck by hiring trade show staff that knows what it takes to shine on the show room floor.

Get your booth buzzing at a price that’s right for you and ask us for a free quote!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma conventions and trade shows

A Branding Concepts Talent representative will provide a friendly, inviting, and professional way of reaching potential clients who may have otherwise passed by your booth. Our talent can help you generate leads, pre-qualify attendees, increase visibility, and engage customers while your sales staff is occupied. Additionally we will offer and provide your clients general product information.

Outsourcing your needs for exhibition and event talent is a great way to help cut back on higher costs. Travel and wage expenses for sending your employees from out of town locations are eliminated. Their normal job responsibilities continue on uninterrupted with no additional cost being incurred.

I Just came back from Cincinnati, Ohio for the International Hoof Care Summit! I had a great time working a booth for Nature Farms Farrier Supply.


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